Tuesday, November 11, 2008

XOXO (Love and Kisses)

While I was editing these engagement photos, the phrase XOXO kept popping into my head. It certainly fit this session, so I'm running with it.

Not being a history major, I had to do a bit of research on the internet to find out the possible origins of the XOXO. According to Wikipedia, the X can represent the four lips of a kiss or four legs in an embrace. Whew! I won't go any further, but leave the rest to your imagination!

Meet Brandi and Michael. This charming couple was more than willing to kiss and snuggle for photos on our beautiful autumn day.

Monday, November 10, 2008

November 8, 2008 Wedding in a Barn!

I had yet to experience a wedding in a barn! I knew the possibilities would be endless for photos of this lovely couple. I was not disappointed!

Meet Desiree and Jason.

This fortunate couple was able to secure a very neat location: The Express Ranch (the Clydesdale barn in Yukon, OK) for their nuptials. No small thing considering the barn does not normally schedule weddings there (yet.....)

Since the loft of this beautiful barn would be our location for the ceremony AND reception, this couple decided to do all their photos before the ceremony.

WOW, a photog's dream! Not only was I able to photograph Des by herself.....

But Jason quickly got to be involved as well. Talk about a relaxed time for all.

We also took advantage of the gorgeous setting sun for this shot.

Okay, the guys got to be just the guys in this one.

Which of course led to the inevitable cutting loose and having fun....well, just for a little bit. Hee hee.

The loft is a warm and cozy combination of glowing wood and western features (do your hear the soft neighs of the Clydesdale's just downstairs??)

Des and her Dad.

The embrace and first kiss as husband and wife!

And in case you're wondering, the younger set of maid of honor and best man, do belong to the bride and groom.

"C" is all boy and interested in the party food.

While Sis is interested in reading each card that was presented to the happy couple.

I thank you Desiree and Jason for being a MARVELOUS couple to work with!! I hope to be photographing you all again very soon!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Celebrating 70 Years Young!

Yes, this does appear to be the typical family photo, but did you know that "D" just recently turned seventy and all his kids came from various spots on the map to see him just today??

In case you're having trouble picking him out (I know it's hard because he doesn't look to be seventy!) He's the third from your left in line there.

Can't you see the mischievous look in his eyes? Yeah, this is no ordinary family photo here....check it out.
"D", you make us wanna shout (wave my hands....well, you know...hee hee).

My goodness what gorgeous grand kids he has too! Take a look.

This son and grandson came all the way from Colorado.

Okay, had to post two of this little boy. What sparkling eyes he has!!

This couple son and his wife came up from TEXAS (I adore Texas btw.)

Talk about photogenic! (And I didn't ask how he broke the arm, but I hope it is better soon!)

They're beautiful girls!!

Hope you all had a FANTASTIC party tonight!! (And that you ate some cake for me.)