Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Time is Here!

Time for snuggling up with the one you love.

You may recognize this gentleman and his lovely wife. (Hint, birthday party awhile back with all his children and a few grand children.)

Now that the weather is changing, we decided to take this session indoors. Can't you smell the hot chocolate and marsh mellows?

Amber, brown, golds mixed up with the colors of this holiday season make their home most inviting.

Okay, yes, we did step outside for just a few. I could not resist persuading Ann to don old Saint Nick's cap for at least one shot. (Looks like she took it quite well. David too. Hee hee.)

Don't they both have great smiles?

Pete, their Scottish Terrier, was kind enough to hang out for just a few photos.

But just a couple.