Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Surgery Day

Not exactly what most parents consider to be a big photo day, but my friends wanted to document this time in their little girl's life. "E", who just turned three...you can see her party photos in one of the Oct 2008 entries, had hip surgery.

If any of you have had surgery at a young age, you know the fear that comes with even seeing a hospital later in life. I hope these images bring "E" some happy memories and she learns that hospitals are marvelous places.

Of course what hospital visit isn't complete without taking a trip to the business office to be registered.

For "E", this probably seemed like a kooky kinda thing to do: getting up and going somewhere at 5:30 am just to wait around.

Ahh, we finally made our destination (the scales for a weight check) at the end a long, if not convoluted, hallway.

More waiting.

Fortunately those hospital folks thought to put a TV in the room. "E's" attention is momentarily diverted.

So what is up with this I-gotta-put-on-a-hospital-gown?

Bargaining only works for so long and Mom and Dad finally get "E's" clothes changed.

More (cool) distractions.

More waiting, but at least "E" gets a short tour of the part of the place she'll be for the next hour or so.

No speed limits were broken while obtaining these shots. (Promise.)

Posing pretty just before "E" goes back for surgery.

This is the only color shot I'm posting from this day. Seems very appropriate that "E" get a pink (fab color don't you think?) body cast.

In solidarity, Mr. Bear dons a pink body cast too. Hello Kitty is there for moral support.

Fast asleep after getting into her room, "E" gets some much needed rest.

Family and one of our church elders gather round and thank God for His goodness and for healing strength for all.