Saturday, November 1, 2008

Celebrating 70 Years Young!

Yes, this does appear to be the typical family photo, but did you know that "D" just recently turned seventy and all his kids came from various spots on the map to see him just today??

In case you're having trouble picking him out (I know it's hard because he doesn't look to be seventy!) He's the third from your left in line there.

Can't you see the mischievous look in his eyes? Yeah, this is no ordinary family photo here....check it out.
"D", you make us wanna shout (wave my hands....well, you know...hee hee).

My goodness what gorgeous grand kids he has too! Take a look.

This son and grandson came all the way from Colorado.

Okay, had to post two of this little boy. What sparkling eyes he has!!

This couple son and his wife came up from TEXAS (I adore Texas btw.)

Talk about photogenic! (And I didn't ask how he broke the arm, but I hope it is better soon!)

They're beautiful girls!!

Hope you all had a FANTASTIC party tonight!! (And that you ate some cake for me.)