Friday, October 10, 2008

She's Three Now!

Meet "E". She just turned three years old. She'd like you to come along and see what great fun her special day turned out to be.
The cake was pink and fabulous!
Crowns were a running theme for the afternoon.
In fact, the cake was so tempting, that someone's little fingers tried out the frosting before it was cut.

"E" had several very special guests show up for her big day. Can you name them???

Everyone felt like a princess that day.

All the girls had to take turns giving this little boy a kiss (he's already a prince and I guess they were doing it for good luck).
More crowns on sweet little girls.
By the way, this sweet little man is "E's" brother. Too bad he didn't fit in my pocket...I would have taken him home.

"E's" other baby brother. He is a DOLL! (Yup, too small a pockets or I would have had two little boys coming home with me. Hee hee!)