Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day-What a Joy!

Wow, my nephew's wife had their first baby at the end of October this year and I met him for the first time on Christmas day.

He was a lot of fun to photograph. Here he is with his mom. He was fascinated by the lights. All I needed to do to get him looking in the right direction was to fire off a few shots. The gentle "poof" of the strobe sure got his attention.

Sweet baby for sure!

Becky is a gorgeous Mom.

If you look closely, you can see Becky was holding a stuffed animal to keep his attention (he was getting a bit hungry and didn't want to play model forever.

What Did You Do Just Before Christmas???

Me? Why I met with this beautiful family you see here right in their own home for Christmas photos. I adore this room. The color and decorations set off these photos wonderfully.

Mom and Dad are a lovely couple I met while shooting a birthday party.

Meet one of their DARLING daughters and one of the precious pups. Maple is her name. This is a family right after my own heart....even the dogs have their own stockings.

This is Louise and her husband, who I also had the pleasure of meeting at that birthday party. (Thank you for the heads up about Salado, TX! It was a lot of fun to make a stop there on my drive back to OK!)

Louise and two of her kids. (Did I mention this is a good lookin' family?)